Saturday, January 26, 2013


Moby Grape

Crossroads Club, Santa Cruz, CA
January 1978

FM, 60:59 min.

01. All My Life I Love You
02. Here I Sit
03. Plastic Saddle
04. Your Rider
05. Love You So Much
06. Your Real Love
07. Up In The Air
08. Hearts Desire
09. Got The Blues
10. Cuttin In'
11. Fall On You

Jerry Miller
Skip Spence
Peter Lewis
Fuzzy John Oxendine
Corny Bumpus
Christian (Skeeter) Powell 


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot to thank you for this. I hadn't seen this around 'til just before X-Mas over at He also included with this a very short soundboard I wasn't familiar with. It's from 1/21/78 also in Santa Cruz at the Veteran's Hall. There are only six songs, but worth it for a rare performance of Peter Lewis' old gem "Stop". Will keep you all posted of any other new shows! Thanks once again. Larry

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