Saturday, February 9, 2013


Around 1984 the Grape decided to try it with Katz again. After all the foul things he played on the band they made a new LP on his San Francisco Sound label. The album became known as the "heart" Lp from the Mouse and Kelly artwork on the sleeve. In 87 they participated in Katz's  "Looking For Your Long Lost Mind Revue tour along with Fraternity Of Man and Strawberry Alarm Clock.  Once again the boys failed to learn from their mistakes. It was probably Skippy's idea since he was a little off kilter anyway at
the time.  By the way the 84 heart Lp isn't half bad as far as I am concerned

Moby Grape
San Raphael CA 2-27-87

1. aint no use
2. fall on you
3. hey grandma
4. sitting by the window
5. murder in my heart
6. eight o five
7. truckin' Man
8.  baby what do you want me to do
9.  can't be so bad
10.  gypsy wedding
11.  naked if you want it
12.  all my life i love you


drogos said...

Once again a new gem on your blog. Many thanks for sharing and congratulations for the job you do to give us so many good shows.
Best regards from the French west coast (with not the same music:))

gregg said...

BAYFILES only had 2 tracks download. Tracks 11 & 12. I will try one of the other servers.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Please keep in touch with me about the Bayfiles issue

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanks Gregg for the correction!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Wasn't going to d/l this at first, but thought I'd compare it to mine and it's from a completely different source! Don't think I've ever found a Grape show with 2 different tapers. Lucky to have anyone record their concerts. Yours sounds closer & clearer, & the one I picked up awhile back has a little fuller instruments but much more distant vocals. Glad I picked this up. Pretty hot "Can't Be so Bad" right into a pretty sloppy "Gypsy Wedding". Larry

John said...

Any chance you could post a new link for this? Preferably lossless, but anything would be appreciated. Thanks...

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