Saturday, February 23, 2013


A comp of solo efforts by the band members over the years

 01  Walking In The Fire - Don Stevenson 
       From the solo release by Don in 2010.
02  Plastic Saddle - Jerry Miller
       From his solo LP " Life Is Like That" in 1995
03  Never Dreamed - Bob Mosley
       From the LP of the same name in 1999
04  That Lost Horizon (Instrumental) - Peter Lewis - Bob Mosley
       Taken from the Third World Studio sessions of1981
05  All My Life ( I Love You) - Skip Spence
      45rpm release 1996
06  Black Moon - Peter Lewis
       Studio Release
07  Cold Beer - Mosley Grape
       Live At Indigo Ranch
08   If You Still Got Love - Jerry Miller
       Solo LP Track
09  Forbidden Love In Paradise - Don Stevenson
       From Solo LP 2010
10  Little Hands - Skip Spence
       From Skip's Solo LP "Oar"
11 Gettin' Used To Bein' Treated So Bad - Don Stevenson
      Solo LP Track
12  Lazy Me - Bob Mosley
       From "True Blue" Solo LP 2005
13  Never - Jerry Miller
      Solo LP track
14  Weighted Down - Skip Spence
      "Oar" LP track
15  Sittin' By The Window - Peter Lewis
       Live At Bremen LP track
16  This Time - Mosley Grape
      Indigo Ranch Track
17  I Got The Night - Peter Lewis
      Solo LP track
18  Eight O Five - Fine Wine
      LP track by Fine Wine
19  Cornbread,Peas, And Black Molasses - Don Stevenso
      Solo LP track
20  Took It All Away - Mosley Grape
       LP Outtake
21  Broken Heart - Skip Spence
       Solo LP track
22  Beautiful Day - Darrow-Mosley Band
       From EP "Desert Rain"
23  Can't Keep A Good Man Down - Bob Mosley
       Solo LP Track
24  Changing( reprise)- Peter Lewis
       Solo Lp track



Anonymous said...

Thanks Great Music

Anonymous said...

Good Set Thank You

john said...

Stevenson, Mosley, Lewis, Miller, and Spence- The Five Musketeers of great music. Thank You.

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