Thursday, February 7, 2013

 If you are getting tired of the Grape posts...... So Sorry but alas as this image says it all for me!
More Grape on the way so sit back and enjoy the ones you missed or new ones if you are into them.
have always thought the Grape were fine musicians and sorry to say had no business sense with their association with the terrible manager they had.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'm with you for as long as you want to keep posting 'Grape music of almost any sort. Never complain about too much of their music. Maybe there should be an almost regular weekly or monthly posting after this long run is over! While we're well into these shows does anyone have a couple of early shows: 12/31/66[65 min.], 3/69[45 min], both from the Avalon, or the 2/4/69 Top Gear BBC broadcast[22 min]? I know they are out there, so thanks in advance! Larry

. said...

Don't apologise! This is the only place on the web for the Grape Nut!

Thanks for all your posts. I just downloaded the Sopwith Camel outtakes - this is your best cover design yet!

Alan said...

This Grape run is fabulous. I'm thrilled that you'll get to the Ten Years After (and hopefully the Seatrain) after this run but keep going with the Grape. I've never seen any of the material you are posting here. I saw the Fillmore East 6/19/71 show - if only the tape was clearer. But to be able to check out all of these different incarnations of one of the least known of the great SF bands, all I can say is Thank You!

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