Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 01  hot 'lanta
02  statesboro blues
03  sailin' cross the devil's sea
04  midnight rider
05  black hearted woman
06  blue sky
07  what's done id done
08  worried down with the blues
09  in memory of elizabeth reed
10  same thing
11  dreams
12  back where it all begins
13  soulshine
14  change my way of living
15  high falls
16  one way out


24HOURDEJAVU said...

A little feedback on the picture in my masthead. It is indeed a photograph by Carter Tomassi, who at one time was an Atlanta resident. It is from the Atlanta Pop Festival(2) I have had this in my files for many years and the interest in the Allman Brothers lead me to this photo. I do hope that Mr Tommasi approves my use of his great photo shot. A great picture from a great time frame

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I figured that photo was from some '60s era festival. I prefer the Duane era of the ABB, and was lucky to have seen him twice [Fill East-Dec, 69, & 2/71 Univ Of Missouri which is available on a few blogs]. They are doing their annual run of Beacon shows right now. Larry

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