Monday, April 29, 2013


An interesting short set from the Steve Miller Band after reforming the band. I had enjoyed the early Miller band LP's but kind of steered away from his work after what I call "selling out" to the pop lifestyle.

Steve Miller Band
Steve Miller- guitar and vocals
Bobby Winkelman- rhythm guitar
Ross Valory- bass
Jack King- drums
San Rafael, Ca.
September 1970 (exact date unknown)

 1: ?  3:49
  2: band introductions > never kill another man 5:14
  3: brave new world  3:38
  4; good morning to you  4:22
  5: kill and come play the drum (fandango)  8:16
  6: ? (harmonica jam with drum solo)  12:05
  7: I love you (with bass solo)  15:26
  8: going to the country  4:56
  9: children of the future  9:13


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. interesting time period before the hits came. I too pretty much lost interest with most of the Top 40 stuff. Sailor may be my favorite LP partly for the material, and alot for the great sound quality. Larry

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