Friday, May 10, 2013


Sons of Champlin
Live at The Record Plant
Sausalito, California
1972 06-17
Broadcast by KSAN

Here is a super nice crystal clear stereo soundboard from vaults of KSAN
and the Record Plant series on KSAN, where many of the Bay Area's best
and brightest performed for the FM Audience. They are currently having a resurgence of sort led by original member Bill Champlin

Set List:

1.  KSAN Introduction
2.  Day Tripper
3.  No Mo
4.  For Joy
5.  Without Love
6.  Fat City
7.  Welcome to the Dance
8.  All and Everything
9.  The Swim
10. Right On
11. Linda Lou
12. Lightin'
13. Outtro

Bill Champlin – Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Michael Andreas – Horn
Terry Haggerty – Guitar, Vocals
Geoffrey Palmer – Bass, Keyboards, Saxophone, Tabla, Vibe Master, Vibraphone, Vocals
James Preston – Drums, Percussion
David Schallok – Bass,Vocals
Mark Isham – Horn
Phil Woods – Horn


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