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Sopwith Camel
1973-07-14  Berkeley, California  New Orleans House 
 Line-up :::  Terry MacNeil - electric piano, guitars, vocals // Peter Kraemer - saxophone, flute, synthesizers [Synthophone, Arp], vocals // Martin Beard - electric bass, vocals // Norman Mayell - drums, percussion, harmonica.
From the info provided  this set actually includes renditions of the Camel's second LP which really is one of those forgotten masterpieces by this early SF band

Set One :::
01. Oriental Fantasy
02. Sleazy Street
03. Orange Peel
04. Coke, Suede & Waterbeds
05. Hello, Hello
06. Fazon   
07. Dancin' Wizard
08. Astronaut Food
09. ...Brief Synthophonia
10. Monkeys On The Moon

Set Two :::
11. Brief Synthophonia
12. --band introductions--
13. Sneaky Smith
14. Wham Bam, I'm A Smoky Ham
15. Fazon
Encore :::
16. Sleazy Street
17. Hello, Hello
18. Orange Peel
19. Astronaut Food
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What a great find! Amazing Sopwith Camel material you have - thank you.

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Any chance you can make this available again? Or direct to me?

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Please email me for further assistance on this posting Thanks

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