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 Spooky Tooth are an English rock band principally active, with intermittent breakups, between 1967 to 1974. In recent years, the band has been reconstituted at various points, and continues to perform occasionally.
Crucial to their sound was their instrumentation; they were one of the relatively few rock acts of the time to adopt the twin keyboard approach (both an organ and a piano player).

They formed in October 1967, when Gary Wright joined the band Art. The band name Art only existed from April to October 1967. Art was renamed from The V.I.P.'s, as the name fitted better to the new musical direction taken on the album Supernatural Fairy Tales. Gary Wright held a significant role from the start. He wrote the majority of the first Spooky Tooth album, some even with record producer Jimmy Miller instead of band members.

Their 1969 album Spooky Two is arguably their best release but over the years they enjoyed varying support as their sound evolved and changed. There is a strong link with another band around this time called Humble Pie as members joined this group also as line ups changed.

The line-up changed several times, but typically was -

    Mike Harrison (born Michael Harrison, 3 September 1945, Carlisle, Cumbria) (keyboards/vocals)
    Greg Ridley (born Alfred Gregory Ridley, 23 October 1947, Aspatria, Cumbria — died 19 November 2003, in Alicante, Spain) (bass guitar/vocals)
    Luther (Luke) Grosvenor (born Luther James Grosvenor, 23 December 1946, Evesham, Worcestershire) (guitar/vocals)
    Mike Kellie, (born Michael Alexander Kellie, 24 March 1947, Birmingham, Warwickshire) (drums)
    Gary Wright, (born Gary Malcolm Wright, 26 April 1943, Cresskill, New Jersey, U.S.) (organ/vocals)

01  Something To Say
02   I Am The Walrus
03   The Wrong Time
04   I Wanna Be Free
05   Son Of Your Father
06   Better By You Better Than Me
07   Along
08   Souful Lady
09   Love Really Changed
10   Pretty Woman
11   Feelin' Bad
12   I Can't Quit Her
13   Evil Woman

Tracks 1-8  Berlin, Germany 1970
Tracks 9-13 BBC Broadcast 1968-69


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