Monday, June 3, 2013


 I have always enjoyed the music of Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship. with some people you either really like them or you reaaly hate them. Paul's dabbling in sci fi themes was like an added bonus for me. This posting is from the Starship's rendition of the Bladerunner score . Paul mixes the music of both the Airplane and Starship (and other themes) to create his vision of the classic sci-fi piece

Jefferson Starship "Blade Runner Against The Empire"
25Th Anniversary Of Dragon-Con
(One Of The World's Biggest Sci-Fi Conventions)
Hyatt Regency Centennial Ballroom
Atlanta, Ga/ Sept. 3, 2011

Scintillated By The Cresting Wave Of Electronica, Jefferson Starship Created A Unique 'Mosh' Of Paul Kantner's Music (& Some Sci-Fi 'Covers') And The Score Of Vangeleis' "Blade Runner."

01 Main Titles (Mc) > Sunrise
02 Your Mind Has Left Your Body
03 Brain Damage
04 Hal's Tales Of The Future (Mc)
05 Rachel's Song
06 Universal Copernican Mumbles
 07 Sketches Of China
 08 Love Theme
09 Hyperdrive
10 Space Oddity
11 Have You Seen The Saucers?
12 -15 Blows Suite
  Xm >
  Have You Seen The Stars Tonight? >
  Starship >
16 The Burbling Of You, Me & Pooneil
17 Somebody To Love

Paul Kantner/ 12-String, Vocals
David Freiberg/ Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Darby Gould/ Vocals
Slick Aguilar/ Electric Guitar, Vocals
Donny Baldwin/ Drums, Vocals
Chris Smith/ Keyboards, Bass
Mc-Squared/ Korg Kaossilator Pro, Moog Filtatron, Beatmaker 2


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