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 The Fish-Barry Melton
Barry "The Fish" Melton was half of Country Joe and The Fish, of course, and he had great success as a member of that band in the 1960s. Like many 60s artists, however, he wasn't as successful in the 1970s. Nonetheless, he still had a following, and he continued to record and release albums. In 1975 or '76 United Artists Records released a Barry Melton album called The Fish , but it was only released in England.album. Since it wasn't released in America, however, it was hardly known in America, even for the most ardent fans of The Fish himself.

  • Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
  • Ray Martinez-guitar (from Monmouth, Wales)
  • Tommy Eyre-keyboards (from Sheffield--ex Joe Cocker's Grease Band)
  • Ken Whaley-bass (from Oxford--ex Help Yourself, ex-Man)
  • Dave Charles-drums (from London-ex Sam Apple Pie, ex-Help Yourself)
Barry Melton, The Fish 

Tracklisting / Additional Info:    
Long Way
Jessie James
Could You Drive Forever
Mountains In Dreamland
Speed Racer
Looking For A World
Marshmallow Road
Ice Cream Man
California Seacoast


Anonymous said...

A local radio station (KMET?) used to broadcast a show called The Import Hour. It was a way of hearing new groups that weren't usually played on American radio because there was still a divide between US & UK popular music. One night I recorded Kayak, Nektar & Barry Melton. They played Jesse Jame thru Speed Racer from the album here. I wondered at the time why an American artist was being played as an import back to us in the States.Later in '76 or '77 I got to see The Barry Melton/Robert Hunter Band at The Starwood in Hollywood.They played many of these songs.(Jesse James was co written by Hunter and sometimes Country Joe is credited too).Barry walked through the tables and rounded everyone up in front of the stage for the final songs. After the show Barry & Bob shook hands with everyone.
Good times & thanks for all the Fish.

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