Monday, August 5, 2013


 High quality under-circulated Audience recording of Joe and Barry acoustic. They
seem to be deciding on the setlist as they go along, but the interplay
between both guitars is excellent. A gem of a show putting Joe and Barry together again which never occurred enough times.

 Freight & Salvage Coffee House
Berkeley CA
May 17 1998

1.  Intro/Audience Warm Up
2.  Bass Strings
3.  This Land Is Your Land
4.  Death Sound Blues
5.  Donovan’s Reef
6.  Here I Go Again
7.  Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
8.  Superbird
9.  Itsy Bitsy Spider
10. Baby What You Want Me To Do*

* - Alice Stuart on lead vocals & guitar
and Prune Rooney on bass & vocals


john said...

I don't know if the music is great but your artwork 10 stars. Thank You.

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