Monday, January 4, 2016


In 1977 the original lineup reformed for a slight reunion as such.

  • Come To The Reunion (Hirsch)
  • Time Flies By (McDonald)
  • Stateline, Nevada (Melton)
  • Love Is A Mystery (Melton)
  • Dirty Claus Rag (McDonald / McDonald / Charters / Marsh)
  • Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine (II) (McDonald)
  • Thunderbird (McDonald)
  • Gibson's Song (Bennet Cohen)
  • No One Can Teach You How To Live (Melton)
  • Insufficient Funds (Barthol / Marsh)
  • Dreams (Cohen / Richardson)
  • Country Joe McDonald - acoustic guitar, harmonica (on Insufficient Funds), trombone (on Stateline, Nevada), vocals
  • Barry Melton - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, synthesizer (on No One Can Teach You To Live), vocals
  • David Bennett Cohen - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards
  • Bruce Barthol - bass, vocals (on Insufficient Funds)
  • Gary 'Chicken' Hirsh - drums, percussion, sandblocks (on Dirty Claus Rag)
  • John Otis - congas
  • Sam Charters - jug (on Dirty Claus Rag)
  • Jim Price - horns
  • Bobby Keyes - horns
  • Trevor Lawrence - horns
  • Steve Madaio - horns 


Anonymous said...

Hello I can't to download it... Can you help me please?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Forgot about this reunion LP. A reunion today would be interesting with whoever is still with us! Still hoping for one more 'Grape reunion, or at least that last album they made but that doesn't seem likely. Larry

Andyrock said...

Thank you very much my friend!!! You answered to my request on December 25.. You're great!!!

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