Saturday, August 31, 2013


 Here is apost with a different twist to it. Last December the lead singer of the Troggs, Reg Presley. passed away at the age of 71 from a series of strokes. Being the prominant and most recognizable Trogg this left the other band members with a decision to make. Could Reg be  replaced?......Absolutely Not !!
Could the band move on without him?  They decided that they could! The band does a more than presentable job of playing their most recognizable tunes. Original band member Chris Britton, Pete Lucas, Dave Maggs  chose Chris Allen as their vocalist and have Trogged onward. Reg Presley can never be replaced but the talented boys in the band play on!
 The Troggs   Leopoldsburg June 22  2013

 101. Give it me
102. From home
103. Louie louie
104. Walking the dog
105. Night of the long grass
106. Anyway you want me
107. She looks like a woman to me
108. Strange movies
109. Little girl
110. With a girl like you
111. Love is all around
112. Wild thing
113. I can't control myself

Current members

    Chris Britton  lead guitar
    Dave Maggs -drums
    Pete Lucas  – bass guitar

   Chris Allen - lead vocals


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