Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Jefferson Airplane - The MSR Tapes

Share A Little Joke With The World

a collection of rare studio out-takes and more
Disc One

01 - We Can Be Together 
02 - We Can Be Together
03 - Wooden Ships >
04 - JPP McStep B Blues
05 - Volunteers
06 - Good Shepherd
07 - Wishful Thinking
08 - Wooden Ships >
09 - JPP McStep instrumental
10 - Good Shepherd (live)
11 - Fat Angel
12 - Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil (live)
13 - True Religion (studio)
14 - The Farm


Timmy said...

Groovy. Thanx...........!

larry said...

Airplane Tsunami..........made my weekend.

drogos said...

Always something to find o your blog. many thanks for this JA flood.
best regards from the French West Coast where we don't have these jewels:).

Anonymous said...

This looks very interesting but sadly, all the links are down :-( Could you re-up when time permits? Thank you in advance for all of the wonderful work you do with this blog ;-)


Anonymous said...

RoBurque, see the round symbol following the track list. Click there.


Anonymous said...

All of the links for DISC ONE are still showing removed by administrator or file does not exist.


Anonymous said...

Please repost links - listed ones are dead. Awesome post for the whole set. many thanks for your hard work with this!

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I hope to re upload some older files but right now time is an issue

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