Monday, November 4, 2013


What can you say about Blue Cheer? You either love them or you hate them. I enjoyed their raw approach to the music they performed. they were the exact opposite of the San Francisco peace and love theme. I was fortunate enough to see them at the Kiel Opera house in St Louis. Their performance that night was plagued by sound problems  but somehow it didn't matter . They were loud. They performed in the form of a power trio and indeed were the proto-punks who created the first heavy metal. lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and a couple of huge Marhall amps.They were for years proclaimed the world's loudest rock band by the Guinness Book of Records By all standards they were indeed Louder Than God!

Track 01 - Red House
Track 02 - Heart Of The City
Track 03 - Nightmares
Track 04 - Out Of Focus
Track 05 - Girl Next Door
Track 06 - Rock Me Baby.
Track 07 - Ride With Me
Track 08 - Livin' Out On The Edge
Track 09 - Summertime Blues
Track 10 - Second Time Around with jam
Track 11 - false encore


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