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I think that I am going to declare the coming month as "Dead December " . I will revisit  some of my older posts and throw in some Dead related material in the upcoming weeks. It's been a while since I listened to the Dead family of music so here we go. This one I have decided to call "Over Egyptian Air Space"  It is unique and ventures into a overwhelming session of "Space". Jerry and Mickey played this unusual concert as a benefit and was originally an experiment in quadraphonic sound. From the same time frame as the sessions with Phil's friend Ned Lagin and his electronic music of :Seastones" Be ye warned this is a hard listen for some but truly an important part of Grateful Dead history.

 Jerry Garcia & Mickey Hart
Date: 1973-11-28 (Wednesday)
Venue: Palace of Fine Arts Theatre
Location: San Francisco, CA

 *"Around this time a couple of gigs occurred at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. One was a Seastones show with Phil Lesh and Ned Lagin's electronic music. Another was a benefit for San San Tokh's ashram with Jerry and Mickey. They hadn't seen each other in about a year. Mickey decided to dress up all in white and completely shave off his beard. Garcia, unbeknownst to Mickey, had gotten up, decided to dress all in black and shave his face. They met at the photo session and were totally blown away" -Jerilyn Brandelius From the Grateful Dead Family Album

Disc One
Set 1:
d1t01: Adventures In The Deep Noodle >
d1t02: Orgasmic Plasma Shift >
d1t03: The Spaghedeity's Revenge >
d1t04: Why Thank You, Yes, I Think I Will >

Disc Two
d2t01: Calabi-Yau Space >
d2t02: White Hole >
d2t03: Aggressive Precdicate Pushdown >
d2t04: Mama Cried >
d2t05: Franks 'n Beans >

Disc Three
d3t01: Wingteam Central >
d3t02: Dark Glass Broken >
d3t03: My Ass Hurts


Anonymous said...

Wow, very cool, I'd never heard this before. Thanks for this great one of a kind show.

Bob W.

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Hello, can you please give a new link?The old ones do not work.
Thank you very much


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