Monday, February 3, 2014


 Original Standells Larry Tamblyn and John Fleckenstein resurrect the ultimate punk garage band from the 60's. They are joined by Johnny Ecchols from Love in this CD release show in LA. They play a nice set of originals and some new ones from the new release. I purchased the new release and it's pretty good, So if U R Punk Enuff  go out and buy it to help support these guys. Old Guys Rule!

CD Release Party

01. -intro-
02. Riot On Sunset Strip
03. And I Got It
04. Good Guys Don't Wear White
05. It's All About The Money
06. Rari
07. Pushin' Too Hard
08. Big Fat Liar
09. Try It
10. Help You Ann
11. Mr. One Percent
12. She's Just 18
13. Boston's Badass
14. -intro-
15. Hey Joe
16. My Little Red Book
17. 7&7 Is
18. Dirty Water
19. -intro-
20. Wild Thing
21. Why Did You Hurt Me?
22. Bump In The Night

Larry Tamblyn - keyboards, lead vocals
John Fleckenstein - bass, backing vocals
Mark Adrian - guitar, vocals
Johnny Ecchols - guitar, backing vocals from track 14 to the end
Greg Burnham - drums, backing vocals


Mystere2 said...

Your new masthead is my most favorite poster. Colorful and enticing. Good choice for such a good blog.

juan manuel muñoz said...

hello my frien, i'm lookin for a record by AB Skhy at Avalon Ballroom March, 30-1969, do you have it? thanks in advance

juan manuel muñoz said...

sorry, i forget, i'm lookig for Aum - Avalon Ballroom April 6,1969, too. Thanks

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Jaun I believe I can help you with Aum and ABSky It may be a while to get around to them Computer issues for right now Keep an eye out for them Bill

juan manuel muñoz said...

ok, bill, many thanks, i'll wait, cheers

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