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A few posts back I presented the fourth Love lp. It featured a radical change in the bands personnel and the type of music being played by them. That lineup from Four Sail would make two more LP's on the Blue Thumb label.
Reel to Real(1974) was the first official Love album in four years, and bandleader Arthur Lee recorded the album with studio musicians after dismissing all previous band members. It follows the release of Lee's solo album Vindicator in 1972 and two different Love albums that had been recorded but never released.
And now Arthur makes another change in the bands format adding funk and  soul music. This one takes Lee back to his hometown(Memphis) heritage .
   Reel to Real( Album # 7) featured the same musicians (predominately black)that played on the unreleased Black Beauty( more about this one later) It was originally intended as part of a two-album deal with Robert Stigwood's RSO Records. A long-time admirer of Arthur Lee, Skip Taylor, approached the label and convinced Stigwood to give the previously commercially unsuccessful Lee the largest advance he would ever receive, followed by the biggest touring opportunity any incarnation of Love would ever embark on, opening for acts such as Lou Reed and Eric Clapton. The tour was a disaster due to Lee's increasing erratic behavior.
    I remember buying this one when it came out and I will admit it caught me off guard  but as time passed I found  it to be a very fine lp overall. Lee's rendition of "Be Thankful" is one of my personal favorites.

Time Is Like A River 3:00 
Stop The Music 3:02 
Who Are You ? 3:05 
Good Old Fashion Dream 2:50 
Which Witch Is Which 2:00 
With A Little Energy 2:54 
Singing Cowboy 2:55 
Be Thankful For What You Got 4:22 
You Said You Would 3:02 
Busted Feet 2:50 
Everybody's Gotta Live 3:18

Arthur Lee : Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Rhythm Guitar,Harmonica
Joey Blocker : Drums
Sherwood Akuna : Bass
Robert Rozelle : Bass
Melvan Whittington : Rhythm & Lead Guitar
John Sterling : Slide & Rhythm Guitar
Herman McCormick : Congas
"Buzzy" Feiten : Lead Guitar on "Who Are You"
Art Fox : Acoustic Guitar
Harvey Mandel : Lead Guitar on "Which Witch Is Which"
Joey Deaguero : Vibes
Bobby Lyle : Organ,Clavinet,Piano
Gary Bell : ARP synthesizer
Venetta Fields,Carlina Williams,Jesse Smith : Background Vocals
Clifford Solomon,John Clauder,Fred Carter,Wilber Brown,Alan De Ville,Billy Sprague : Horns
Miles Grayson & Arthur Lee : Horn Arrangements 



Anonymous said...

Thanks! Unfortunately for me, this was the only tour that I ever saw Lee or Love on opening for Clapton @ Nassau Col. in NY. Had very good floor seats,some clowns behind us starting yelling for Clapton as soon as Love started. We asked them to be quiet which of course they didn't so we got security. Little did we know they had loads of beer bottles on them and were thrown out! Love was OK & I believe played mostly songs from Reel To Reel. No idea who was in the band, sorry. Larry

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