Monday, March 17, 2014


 Okay I know that this is volume 4 . We will return to 2 and 3 after the others have been posted. There is a little story behind those two selections so be patient and we;ll get to them. In the meantime here is Cream live at the Fillmore West. Sound quality is not as nice as I would like but alas it does come from 1967

                                                                       ONOV Vol. 4

Cream - Fillmore West [08/67]
(acquired from reel source) (Stereo)

01 Sunshine Of Your Love (06:07)
02 N.S.U. (09:26)
03 Steppin' Out (11:05)
04 Traintime (08:47)
05 Toad (intro) (00:48)
06 Tales Of Brave Ulysses (04:21)
07 Spoonful (15:38)
08 Crossroads (03:51)
09 We're Going Wrong (06:22)
10 Sweet Wine (11:05)
[Total Time 76:10]


juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks for this too, friend

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters so much, but this performance was at "The Fillmore Auditorium" not "Fillmore West". They were two different places, a couple of miles apart. "Fillmore West" (formerly the Carousel Ballroom) didn't come into being until July 1968.

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