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It is apparent that these two Doors sets were pulled from the Complete Matrix Doors Bootleg which was 4 CD's There was an officially released version of this material in 2008 but it was produced so badly that most Doors fans were offended by the work. The record company promised an upgraded version in 2010 but so far it has not materialized
This is the only reasonable-fidelity document of the Doors before they became superstars; their first album had been out for a couple of months, but "Light My Fire" (the earliest widely circulated live version of which is here) was yet to even be released as a single. As a consequence there's a hungry edge missing from their later live gigs, and a more unpredictable set list, taking in not only most of the first album but also relatively obscure tracks from the second and third LPs, like "I Can't See Your Face in My Mind" and "Summer's Almost Gone." And there's a whole bunch of cover tunes they would never release in studio versions, like "Get Out of My Life Woman," "Who Do You Love?," "Rock Me," "I'm a King Bee" (with Manzarek on vocals), "Gloria," a lengthy instrumental take on "Summertime," and "Money." There's a bar band ambiance that will take some listeners aback, and not many people in the audience, judging from the tennis match-style clapping heard at the end of most numbers. the Doors  play well, however, and the two shows are notably different from each other, although many of the same tunes appear in two different versions on this package. 

There are two tracks from Traffic at the end used as filler I left them intact until I can delete them later
                                                                                        ONOV Vol. 3
The Doors - The Matrix [03-07,10-67]
(acquired from reel source) (Stereo)

01 Light My Fire (08:48)
02 The End (14:49)
03 Get Out of My Life Woman (04:28)
04 Close To You (03:49)
05 Crawling King Snake (06:01)
06 The Crystal Ship (03:19)
07 20th Century Fox (03:02)
08 Unhappy Girl (04:06)
09 Rock Me Baby (08:34)

Traffic - Fillmore West [03-14-68]
06. Coloured Rain (08:57)
07. No Face, No Name, No Number (04:15)
[Total Time 68:48]



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great San Francisco sounds files. These are treasures and I really appreciate all you do for all of us. It seems like everything you post is something I love. Keep up the great sharing!!! Peace, Terry

Anonymous said...

There is an old dead link at the BS site. I haven't found it anywhere else and was wondering if you might have it-
Matrix Tuesday Night Jam Sessions
The Matrix, San Francisco, California, August 4th 1970.

Line up :

John Cipollina,
Carlos Santana,
Dino Valenti,
Jack Casady,
Jorma Kaukonen,
Nicky Hopkins.

1. Rock Me Baby
2. Stormy Weather
3. Sunshine Superman Jam
4. Santana Jam

Thanks for looking, steVe

Rochacrimson said...

Thank you!

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