Thursday, April 17, 2014

BABY PLEAZ........

Baby, Please Don't Go

"Baby, Please Don't Go" is a classic blues song which has been called "one of the most played, arranged, and rearranged pieces in blues history"] It was popularized by Delta blues musician Big Joe Williams, who recorded the first of several versions of the song in 1935. Its roots have been traced back to nineteenth-century American songs, which deal with themes of bondage and imprisonment. "Baby, Please Don't Go" became an early blues standard with recordings by several blues musicians.

After World War II, it was adapted by Chicago blues as well as rhythm and blues artists. Later, it became a popular rock song after it was recorded by the Northern Irish group Them in 1965. Several rock performers have followed Them's updated rock arrangement, with many recordings of the song. "Baby, Please Don't Go" has been inducted into both the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

The Amboy Dukes version of the tune is an oustanding  representation of how this song developed in the psychedelic days of the 60's. Not every garage band played this one but it was a staple by many blues based rock and rollers.

01  big joe williams
02  lightnin' hopkins
03  them
04  rose mitchell
05  big bill broonzy
06  al kooper
07  sparrow
08  paul revere & the raiders
09  ballroom
10  oxford circle
11  amboy dukes
12  steppenwolf
13  papa john creach
14  beacon street union
15  gary gitter
16  muddy waters & the stones
17  john cipollina
18  butterfield's better days
19  budgie
20  mods
21  ac-dc
22  hank burnette
23  robin thush
 24  makoto ayukawa          


Jahel said...

yeah, only using 'B' u could add: B.B. King, Beatles, Big Bad Smitty, Big Jack Johnson, Big Mama Thornton, Big Walter Horton, Bill Morrissey, The Blues Band, Bob Dylan, Boozoo Chavis & The Magic Sounds, Buddy Ace, Bukka White ;)

Fernando said...

O link para Baby, Please Don't Go não está ativando?
Obrigado pela atenção. Grande abraço.

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