Saturday, April 19, 2014


   FORTUNE TELLER                                                                   

Written in the early early sixties by Naomi Neville. No relation to the Neville Brothers out of New Orleans. But indeed this was the pen name for Allen Toussaint from that same

Allen Toussaint (born January 14, 1938) is an American musician, songwriter and record producer.

One of the most influential figures in New Orleans R&B, many of Toussaint's songs have become familiar through their numerous cover versions, including "Working in the Coalmine", "Ride Your Pony", "Brickyard Blues", "Get Out My Life Woman", "Southern Nights" and "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky".Another was Fortune Teller, covered by many 1960s rock groups including The Who and The Hollies, and recently (2007) by Robert Plant on Raising Sand

The first version I remember hearing was the Rolling Stones cut from their Newest Hitmakers lp
I think that this song is one of those great garage type songs that so many of the early bands adopted to their own style

01  rolling stones
02  merseybeats
03  who
04  downliners sect
05  hollies
06  tornados
07  shortlist
08  hardtimes
09  del rays
10  fire escape
11  iguanas
12  radiators
13  cowslingers
14  throb
15  nine nine nine
16  papamali
17  chains
18  thee sixpence
19  stellas
20  episode six
21  crazyhorse
22  collins & colson
23  plant & krauss
24  allen touissaint


Anonymous said...

So where is Benny Spellman?

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I was unable to locate a version by Benny who should be recognized as the first to record this song

Baxterdogg said...

I have the Benny Spellman version as well as Lee Tillman and Coco Robichaux. How do I get them to you? BTW from Baton Rouge grew up with New Orleans music in the 50's and 60's. Have TONS.

Baxterdogg said...

I can email to you but no address.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanks Baxter for the files I will ad them to my folder of FT


LRRooster said...

One of my favourite songs. Same for me first hearing by The Stones.
Cheers from Paris

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