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The band OSAGE TRIBE were formed in 1971 by sicilian multi talent (composer, avantgardist, chansonier and pop singer) Franco Battiato together with drummer Ninzio "Cucciolo" Fava, guitarist Marco Zoccheddu (coming from the band NUOVO IDEA) and bass player Bob Callero. Battiato found a recording deal with the brandnew Bla Bla label but then left the band, just singing on their first single "Un Falco Nel Cielo", before starting his solo career with two albums in minmalism style; the single is rather commercial and was also used for a popular TV quiz show at the time.

The remaining trio, based in Genova, a prolific city for many great bands, veered towards a more aggressive sound and released their masterpiece, "Arrow Head", in 1972, a five tracks album that's still regarded as one of the finest in its genre. Mainly hard rock based, but with strong progressive influences rather than dull solo parts, the album has in the long "Soffici Bianchi Veli" and the softer "Cerchio Di Luce" with some jazzy influences are the best cuts.

The band had a good live activity but a short life, and Zoccheddu and Callero formed Duello Madre at the end of 1972, leaving Cucciolo with the name OSAGE TRIBE and new line-ups for a while. The drummer then joined The TRIP after their fourth album (but this line up never recorded) and then DIK DIK.

Bob Callero has had a very active career, with IL VOLO and many collaborations as sessionman.
"Arrow Head" is a particularly rare album, much requested by foreign collectors of the genre. It's never been reissued on vinyl in Italy and came with a gatefold laminated cover and the usual Bla Bla-styled lyric cutout inner. "Arrow Head" is indeed an interesting album and something like a lost gem in Italian Progressive Rock. It's highly recommended to any fan of this particular genre.
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Anonymous said...

WOW! Quite a change in musical styles/genres! Would never expect to see this at 24hr, but that's what keeps us coming back here. Always like surprises from Arthur Lee to Italian Prog in about a week!! Larry

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Sometimes it is good to throw a curveball when least expected

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Thanks for this! Always glad to come around, always good surprises! Take care.

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