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Founded in Austin, Texas in 1967 by violinist/vocalist Spencer Perskin. Susan Perskin (vocals/percussion), Bob Tonreid (guitar), Kenny Parker (bass) and Jerry Barnett (drums) completed the original line-up which was buoyed the following year with the addition of Shawn Siegal (keyboards). The sextet completed their debut single, ‘Kaleidoscoptic’, before moving to San Francisco to record Take Me To The Mountains. Robert Gladwin and Richard Finnel replaced Tonreid and Barnett prior to recording, but the group remained a vehicle for Perskin’s violin dexterity and his frazzled vision of psychedelic country. Shiva’s Headband then returned to Texas where a revitalized line-up completed Comin’ To A Head, before becoming an integral part of the state’s vibrant live circuit. Spencer Perskin continued to lead the group into the 80s, although his wife Susan and Shawn Siegal were the only members to remain from the 1968 line-up.

Shiva's Headband's Capitol Records album, Take Me To The Mountains, produced by bandleader Spencer Perskin with Fred Catero, became the first record released nationally by an Austin-based rock band. The album cover featured artwork by Jim Franklin.

In 1999, long-time bandleader Spencer Perskin was voted " Austin's Old hippie ” at the Eeyore's Birthday Party, an annual Austin rite of spring. In 2005, Spencer Perskin released the recording, Magic Feather again with artwork by Jim Franklin. The band still performs in Austin, using the name Shiva's Headband Experience.


    Take Me to the Mountains, Capitol Records, 1969  tracks1-9

    Coming To A Head, Armadillo Records, 1971   tracks 10-14

    Psychedelic Yesterday, Ape Records, 1977   tracks15-19

    In The Primo Of Life, Moontower Sounds, 1983  tracks 20-24



Anonymous said...

This is (mostly) very enjoyable. Thanks a lot. Was there another band with this name ? I'm thinking of a not very good hard rock band, or was that Mystic Shiva ? I know you will know !
All the best, Michael

24HOURDEJAVU said...

There was indeed a band called Mystic Siva but they were more a young garage band than hard rock.To my knowledge this is the only band with this name. And indeed they were different.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that - my memory isn't what it was. Just wanted to say I look at your fine blog most days though for various boring reasons I don't D/L or comment much. It's great to be reminded of old faves and still even now discover new (old) things.I remember at age 15 seeing Jefferson Airplane with light show in a field on the Isle of Wight where I lived. This was the first Isle of Wight festival in 1968. I probably never recovered. I've never seen or heard of any recordings from this festival so I don't really know if the Airplane were as great as I thought they were. Anyway, thanks for all the great music - you don't have to publish this. I'm just nattering. - Michael

Prof. Moses said...

Thanks for all the great music - I have found so many things here that I've only read about in books...thanks! I had never heard Shiva's Headband before finding the music here, and as it turns out, they are still playing in/around Austin, and as it turns out...they are playing twice while I will be there in early August. Score!

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