Sunday, June 29, 2014


I am not a total fan of the latter day Feetwood Mac,,,,However they deserve their place in the history of rock and roll. In75 the band was with fresh faces in Buckingham and Nicks. They brought new life to the Mac name and delivered some titanic lp's selling in the millions. They were so big they were elected to the Rock Hall of Fame and this provided deserved entry by the original band from the late 60's. This show is from 75 and I thought it was worth a listen as the "new" lineup plays several of the "old" bands classic tunes as they transition into the force thst nade Fleetweood Mac a household name.One last comment I am believer that Bob Welch's snub by Mick Fleetwood at the Hall of Famee proceedings was wrong as I think Welch carried the band for several years with some pretty good classic Mac songs
The faces of the everchanging Mac

Wallingford 1975

01  get like you usrd to be
02  station man
03  spare me a little
04  rhiannon
05  why
06  landslide
07  over my head
08  i'm so afraida
09  oh well
10  the green manalishi
11  world turning


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, but I'l pass on a download. I'm not much of a fan of their post-blues stuff, but they do deserve their HOF entry. I agree 100% about the snub of the late Bob Welch. Sentimental Lady belongs on any later hits collection among others. Larry

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