Tuesday, June 3, 2014


A few posts back I did a comp themed around Rain. It was received by you all pretty well and I had fun researching the tunes to put on it. As with each compilation I am sure I miss( sometimes purposely) some of the selections that are obvious. That is what makes it interesting to do the comp. I listen to music all the time and sharing my selections with you is fun. I try to put unusual songs in the mix as well as recognized ones. And as always there are "24" in each volume.  I have a few ready to post and the theme with this one is the Sun. Choosing the 24 songs makes the listening more interesting and provides you with a much better variety . You can hear some really unusual songs as well as some favorites.

01  sun arise - rolf harris
02  sunrise - jefferson starship
03  the sun also rises - fever tree
04  waiting for the sun - doors
05  here comes sunshine - grateful dead
06  sunshine is too long - mystic siva
07  look into the sun - jethro tull
08  yellow sun - jim capaldi
09  who loves the sun - velvet underground
10  paper sun - traffic
11  sun arise - alice cooper
12  children of the sun - billy thorpe
13  i live for the sun - sunrays
14  california sun - rivieras
15  summer sunset - sugar cube blues band
16  here comes the sun - beatles
17  sunrise - uriah heep
18  sunshine - country joe mcdonald
19  english sunset - moody blues
20  next plane to the sun - west coast pop art experimental band
21  into the sun - grand funk railroad
22  where's the sun - fresh blueberry pancake
23  a walk in the sun - turtles
24  do you remember the sun? - it's a beautiful day



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