Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 The post title comes from a discussion with Gary Brooker about the meaning of the band's name. Upon hearing where and what the name Procol Harum meant (named after the band manager's cat) Gary replied  that it could have been worse like I bought a cow !

Kristiansand, Norway
26 May 2001

1.    Bringing Home the Bacon          
2.    Shine On Brightly            
3.    Homburg
4.    Nothing But The Truth            
5.    Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of)           
6.    TV Ceasar            
7.    So Far Behind     
8.    Grand Hotel       
9.    Beyond The Pale            
10.  For Liquorice John     
11.  Typewriter Torment                    
12.  Whaling Stories                          
13.  Whiskey Train     
14.  Repent Walpurgis
15.  A Salty Dog     
16. A Whiter Shade of Pale

Gary Brooker- voice & piano
Matthew Fisher- Hammond organ
Geoff Whitehorn- guitar
Matt Pegg- bass
Mark Brzezicki- drums 



juan manuel muñoz said...

me llevo éste también, cómo desaprovecharlo, Mil gracias. Saludos

richard willyan solza silva said...

Inative file?

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