Friday, July 11, 2014


A while back I ran a few comps that I deemed Basic Garage Mechanics. This tune is not so much that as it is one played by many artists as an standard or closer for their sets. The Grateful Dead brought this tune out as a Pigpen anthem in their early blues days and accept for a short time after Pig's death it remained in their rotation. The original piece was released by Bobby Blue Bland in the late 50's and has been played as a standard since that day.


01   bobby blue bland = the original recording
02   bill black's combo
03   high spirits
04   human beinz
05   paramounts
06   righteous brothers
07   bob kuban & the in-men (hometuwn st louis favorite)
08   them
09   bob seger
10   gloria lynne
11   brewer and farner
12   stackabones
13   black crowes
14   oscar toney jr
15   johnny rivers
16   blues brothers
17   electrix
18   edgar winter's white trash
19   conway twitty
20   tedeshci -trucks with bobweir
21   7 walkers
22   joan osbourne with the dead
23   gregg allman
24   grateful dead - long but epic featuing pigpen


Anonymous said...

When I was back in London an old friend dug out his singles and played me a version by Long John Baltry, which you might like to hear
A interesting trivial piece from wikipedia:
Baldry formed Bluesology featuring Reg Dwight on keyboards and Elton Dean, later of Soft Machine, as well as Caleb Quaye on guitar. Dwight adopted the name Elton John, his first name from Dean and his surname from Baldry

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