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Although First Taste was the only Juicy Groove album, most of the same crew recorded another album under the name Rainbow Red Oxidizer. This quintet consisted of Neal, Bonfire, Marker, Ed Cassidy, and lead guitarist Leon Rubinhold (formerly of the Outlaw Blues Band). They apparently realized what year it was, because Recorded Lies, released in 1980 on a sub-label of BOMP Records, took a more up-to-date new wave approach. This was perhaps not a big stretch from First Taste, since '60's garage rockers are sometimes considered to have been the punk rockers of their day. The six band-written songs on the first side of Recorded Lies are from the Iggy Pop school of insolent punk. The title track is a maniacal rant against the record industry. On "Wild Beast Planet Ruler", Neal howls like a werewolf above the band's relentless garage groove. The fun begins to wear thin after that -- some of these tracks are too lightweight -- but the album regains its momentum on "Limo To The Gig", on which Neal and a female enact a dalliance between a rocker and a groupie. The second side is the better one, where Neal and the boys (and some girls) gleefully destroy seven classics by the Beatles, Stones, Jackie DeShannon, Sam the Sham, the Contours, Link Wray, and the Music Machine. Recorded Lies is an enjoyable romp most of the time, even though it does cross the line between irreverence and irrelevance.

Track Listing:

1.   Recorded Lies
2.   Wild Beast Planet Ruler
3.   Elevator Girl
4.   Fine Lover
5.   Palisades Park
6.   Limo To The Gig
7.   When You Walk In The Room
8.   Rawhide
9.   Talk Talk
10. Do You Love Me
11. Wooly Bully
12. Play With Fire
13. Hard Day's Night
  Recorded Lies



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I'm going to try these out. While I've got several of the LP's with various combinations of Sky Saxon- Mars Bonfire- Kim Fowley etc I never knew that Ed Cassidy got involved in any of them.

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