Tuesday, July 22, 2014


    The Landlocked Sessions were recordings made in 1969/1970 after the Beach Boys left Capitol records and signed on to the Warner/Reprise roster.  The Boys’ new label rejected these recordings, feeling they did not capture the group at their best (in a purely commercial sense).  So fans miss out on great quirky tracks like “Loop De Loop,” “I Just Got My Pay,” “San Miguel,” “Suzie Cincinnati,” and the gorgeous Dennis Wilson penned gem “Lady.”  Some tracks would appear on later albums Surf’s Up and Holland (check out the great version of “Big Sur” or the 5 minute “Till I Die”).  In response to major label demands, the Beach Boys fired back by releasing the masterful Sunflower in 1970, followed by 71′s classic Surf’s Up.  These records were special not only for their quality but because they represented a creative rebirth of sorts - the material on hand was excellent, abundant and cutting edge.  Landlocked is the very beginnings of this early 70s renaissance.  Much of it has never been officially released but it’s all great stuff that’s worth hearing.

Copies (bootlegs) of Landlocked are usually coupled with another unreleased Beach Boy’s album, Adult Child.  Also, some bootlegs of Landlocked include the glorious Brian Wilson penned ”Soulful Old Man Sunshine.”  This track was cut in 1969 and eventually/officially released on 1998′s Endless Harmony.  Its unique brass arrangement gives it a blue-eyed soul sound.



reservatory said...

A beauty. I've read about it, so this is a very welcome surprise. THANKS.

snakeboy said...

Thank you for making this treasure available.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

You are quite welcome

tomatodon said...

Always good to see Beach Boy related things. I don't think I can have too much despite what I have. Thanks for all the good music you post. You are a godsend.

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