Thursday, September 4, 2014


  Long lived San Francisco band who had their first concert June 12, 1973 and then operating on an on-off basis throughout the 70’s/80´s. Despite their popularity in the Bay Area the band failed to sign to a major label but did record several albums for smaller labels.

Terry & The Pirates
Record Plant
Sausalito, CA

Terry Dolan - Guitars & Vocals
Greg Douglass - Guitars
John Cipollina - Guitars, Electric 12-String on 7
Hutch Hutchinson - Bass
David Weber - Drums

01. Intro Instumental Music > Tom Donahue Intro   1:55
02. Fifth Of Bliss   6:09
03. Ready For The Country   4:05
04. Angie   5:55
05. Truer Than Blue   6:12
06. Inlaws And Outlaws   6:09
07. Walking The Plank   4:14
08. Tom Donahue's Band Introduction   0:42
09. Rave On   3:36
10. Nothing To Lose   4:37
11. Purple And Blonde   5:36
12. Rainbow   3:59
13. Queen Of Thieves > Tom Donahue Outro   5:56


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Looks interesting. Do you have a show by the band called Nicksilver? Its from1969, and features Nick Gravenites w/QMS instead of Dino. I believe it was a one-off event. Larry

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Larry I do have a Nicksilver file It features Gravenites with Cipollina, Greg Elmore. Al Stahealy and Mearl Saunders I can gey around to posting it soon if you like Bill

john said...

In the bar band and working band hall of fame these guys are the best. Thanks.

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