Thursday, September 4, 2014


 I recently had a request for this file. It intrigued me into researching Jack and his whereabouts. I was surprised to learn that jack had passed away in November of 2013,, so I decided to post this one again so everyone can hear what a talented musician Bonus was and to remember yet another of my generations iconic and special musical talents

Jack Bonus... otherwise known throughout the Bay area music scene both then and now as Stephen Schuster.
An accomplished woodwind player and guitarist has been playing for over 40 years in and around SF. This is the only LP made by Jack . His name appears everywhere on LPs from the musicians at the time. He co wrote the song "Silver and Gold" on the first QMS lp. His Tenor saxophone and flute have been an integral part of many recordings. His beginnings date back to being the equipment manager for QMS and jamming with them on occasions. He played as a member of the Keith and Donna Band for a period of time. He was a short term member of Jefferson Starship for the Freedom At Point Zero LP and tours. He spent time with Sly and the Family Stone and on and on and on....
This Lp is a nifty little package that features Jack's gruff voice singing some nice little songs. The Hobo Song went on to fame as a bluegrass tune by Garcia while in Old And In The Way. This LP is rare and deserves a chance to be put out on CD but my copy of the vinyl is great.



Anonymous said...

This was the missing link of my Grunt Collection. Thank you very much! Great Blog!!! says Pnoom

Anonymous said...

This Grunt special is absolutely brilliant, especialy with all the promo art. You are doing a great job! I loved the whole Grunt thing - even the packaging - who could forget the Long John Silver stash box? I guess we all bought the same ones - the JA, Hot Tuna & Slick/Kantner. More recently I've picked up a few of the others via download: Kangaroo (great) Steel Wind (nice). People should pick those up here if they don't already have 'em. Plus Bodacious, Quah & Grootna (none of which were actually Grunt?) Anyway looking forward to hearing Jack Bonus & Papa John. I'm surprised you say your original vinyl is good - most of mine were paper thin RCA "dynagroove" & got worn out after a few months!
Thanks again.

ge said...

THIS was the last of a half-dozen rare albums i longed to have posted, to have cd version: THANKS! IT'S A UNIQUE 'GROWER'

juan manuel muñoz said...

muy apreciado tu aporte, mi hermano, muchas gracias

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