Sunday, November 16, 2014


One last post about Cipollina . Here is a comp of some of John's work. Some you may recognize, some maybe not.I tried to include different tunes that would showcase his guitar work, songwriting and involvement with the many bands he either founded or participated in. John played in so many bands it is hard to cover them all/ Here is a great article about John 

01 maiden of the cancer moon - classic cut from "happy trails"
02 babe,i'm gonna leave you
03 codine - 2 and 3 from the soundtrack "revolution" early qms
04 the fool - extraordinary instrumental from qms first lp
05 heebie jeebies - john's. contribution to the "solid silver" lp
06 cobra - from " just for love " lp   one of john.s signature songs
07 local color - instrumental from "what about me"
08 fossil fuel - another  instrumental- "dinosaurs"
09 walkin' the plank - terry and the pirates instrumental
10 babe. i'm gonna leave you (live)
11 codine (live) both of these live cuts recorded with the welsh band man
12 true golden touch
13 unvicious circle
14 rock and roll nurse
15 ride(the highway song) 12=15 Raven studio work
16 mona - thunder and lightning with nick gravenites
17 spin spin - copperhead 
18 it's your monkey now
19 move over
20 fever dreams -18-20 from lp "it's not my fault by problem child
21 silverado trail - terry and the pirates lp of the same name
22 they're playing rock and roll in heaven - the novato frank band
23 pride of man - dinosaurs featuring suzy fischer on vocals
24 mona - dinosaurs


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