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Problem Child was born out of the band Little Joe founded by legendary Quicksilver Messenger Service drummer Greg Elmore, which also featured Greg Douglass (guitar), Bobby Vega (bass) and Charlie Williams (vocals)....
Charlie Williams would join up with former Doobie Brother Tom Johnston, and Greg Elmore would continue to work with Terry & The Pirates, and Nick Gravenites....
From there the band would continue as a four piece with John Cipollina and Greg Elmore handling the vocals, however this line up would change again and on Sept. 7th Bobby would quit Problem Child and they realized that yes they had chosen the right name....
Jeff quit Bad Dog only to be replaced by Greg Elmore, and Problem Child in need of a singer and bass player, it made sense for the two bands to merge....
This new line up of Problem Child - John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Greg Elmore, Alex Dore amd Mike Pegeus - made their debut at the Starry Plough in Berkeley on September 20, 1986....
It was soon after this that Greg Elmore discovered Chris Cole singing with Bobby Vega's new group, The Joneses, and while enjoying a beer and the music decided to steal Chris away to join Problem Child.
Rob had been in Terraplane with Greg Douglass, Greg Elmore, Andy Andrus and occasionally Chris Cole and was the most logical replacement.

this show would be a beginning point for Problem Child with Paul Butterfield guesting for the night for the departed Charlie Williams

John Cipollina
Greg Elmore
Greg Douglass
Bobby Vega
with special guest 
Paul Butterfield

Disc One

1. Hideaway
2. Mona
3. All Worth The Price You Pay 
4. Why Do You Act Like That ?
5. Mystery Train
6. Mannish Boy

Disc Two

1. Drums & Bass
2. Steppin' Out
3. Drums
4. Down In The Bottom
5. Ride In Your Automobile
6. Driftin' Blues
7. He Got All the Money


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Thank you very much, Bill. You're having X-mas all through december with all these amazing John C gems. Please keep them coming.

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A great one.Many thanks...

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