Saturday, December 6, 2014


About a month ago i received an email from Gregg who gave me a link to this show by QMS,
SteVe asked where I find this music well as in this case a lot of these treasures come from you all.
This one is from the tour of 75 and was in the last days of John's participation in the band. I do not believe he appeared on this one so if your a big Dino fan it is right for you.  Hats off to Gregg for the show and as always you can never have too much Quicksilver 

Quicksilver Messenger Service
1975-07-13  San Jose, CA  Civic Auditorium  (M1-AUD)
"You better come up here & smoke what we're smokin'!"

01. --tune-up & hellos-- 
02. Dr. Feelgood
03. Fresh Air
04. Baby Baby
05. Mona -> guitar solo -> ? (instru.) -> bass solo -> Mona 
06. The Hat -> They Don't Know -> Play My Guitar
07. What About Me
08. Freeway Flyer

Total Time ::: 1:10:36

Line-up ::: Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals // Dino Valenti - guitar, vocals // Greg Elmore - drums // Michael Lewis - keyboards // Skip Olsen - bass.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. QMS is not the same without John. Still a good show with fine music.
// Lars

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill. Sure I prefer QMS with Cipollina but Gary Duncan is no slouch either and must be admired for trying to carry on the Quicksilver sound single handed. He just didn't have a unique sound like John and was therefore relegated to second fiddle.
Thanks also to Gregg.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I agree 100% about Duncan. His guitar work is excellent and he did have some stiff comp with Cip. If you listen to Gary's work you will recognize his extreme talent. Calgary is one of his most prolific works and his recent works of the last ten years are fantastic

Anonymous said...

Fantastic show and Duncan knows how to play the guitar. Thanks a lot. But am I the only one missing track one. Though it's only tuning and hellos it's nice to have it complete. If you have the time, please post it. Otherwise great post.

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