Wednesday, December 17, 2014


A great piece to read about John........

1.  Blues In A Bottle
2.  Down In The Bottom
3.  Six Weeks In Reno
4.  Trust Me
5.  Southside
6.  Bigalow 6-9000
7.  Signs Of Life
8.  Born In Chicago
9.  Small Walk-In Box
10. Bad Luck Baby
11. I'll Change Your Flat Tire Merle
12. Trouble In The Teepee
13. I'll Pull The Trigger
14. Pride Of Man
15. Walkin' Blues
16. Run Out Of West
17. Mr.X-Terninator
18. Hot Rods And Cool Women
19. My Party
20. Buried Alive In The Blues
21. Who Do You Love?
22. Tired Of Spending Money>You Can't Hurt Me No More
23. Good Night Irene
24.  Mona
25. Goin'Down
26. Tough AS Nails
27 .On Top Of Old Smokey
28. DeKalb Blues

The Rheinterassen
Bonn, Germany


mbrindell said...

Nice sound quality on this boot. Is this the concert that was put out on DVD a while back?

Loren said...

Well, they may take your site down, but they can't keep you down. More great music. Thanks Bill for the great shares.

warlock said...

By now you know you make my weekend when you post John Cipollina. This is again a TREAT! Thanks and the new look is GREAT. If you e mail me an address i can send you anything I have burned to cd. I still haven't figured out this uploading thing yet, but I'm working on it. I do have a Wavy Gravy cd that would fit the Woodstock mood. I tried to compress and send but haven't made it work yet. BTY Grand Funk actually ROCKED. Short but sweet show

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back so soon...........thanks for another cipollina. Great stuff.

79deadman said...

Fantastic Show!


Anonymous said...

Great Thanks for this Sow by the Way!Super Top!God bless You!dead-head-udo

john said...

I'm packin' this along with my other John Cipollina music to my desert island. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this post. I saw this wonderful performance almost 29 years ago. It was on a location beside river Rhine with a beautiful
environment, old trees and so on. The band was in a great mood and we all enjoyed this great evening. This was the only time I saw John Cipollina live. This seems to a soundboard rcording. Until now I only knew of a 40' boot from this show. Thanks again and all the best.

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