Wednesday, January 21, 2015


There is nothing new about the music on this post. I pulled it from You Tube a while back/ It is a revisit of Grape songs  by Alexander Mosley. I am making an assumption here that Alexander is related in some way to Bob Mosley. He does a great job of rearranging the music to give us a fresh listen, I added the Spence bonus tracks as a compliment to the music, So Listen My Friends!

1. Place & The Time (Miller-Stevenson)
2. Murder In My Heart For The Judge (Miller-Stevenson) Lead    vocals: Mosley
3. Bitter Wind #1 (Mosley)
4. Dark Magic #0 (Spence)
5. Grape Jam 2 #1/Place & the Time #2 (Moby Grape/Miller-   Stevenson)
6. Bitter Wind #2/Grape Jam 2 #3 (Mosley/Moby Grape)
7. Stop (Lewis)
8. You Can Do Anything (Spence)

1.  He (Lewis)
2.  Looper (Lewis)
3.  Dark Magic #1 (Spence)
4.  Boysenberry Jam #1 (Moby Grape)
5.  Three-Four (Mosley)
6.  Boysenberry Jam #2 (Moby Grape)
7.  Funky-Tunk (Miller-Spence)
8.  Boysenberry Jam #3 (Moby Grape)
9.   The Lake (Moby Grape-M. Hayworth) Vocals Mosley
10. Boysenberry Jam #4 (Moby Grape)
11. Instrumental Rounder (Spence) 
12. Boysenberry Jam #5 (Moby Grape)
13. Miller's Blues (Mosley-Miller) Vocals Mosley

1. Naked, If I Want To (Miller) vocals Mosley
2. Sweet Ride (Never Again) (Moby Grape) vocals on verses    Mosley
3. Motorcycle Irene (Spence)
4. Black Currant Jam #1 (Moby Grape)
5. Loosely Remembered (Mosley)
6. Black Currant Jam #2 (Moby Grape)
7. Never (Mosley)
8. Black Currant Jam #3 (Moby Grape)
9. Skip's Song (Spence)

1. Rounder (Spence)
2. Bitter Wind #3 (Mosley)
3. Marmalade Jam #1 (Moby Grape)
4. Can't Be So Bad (Miller-Stevenson) vocals Stevenson
5. Rose Colored Eyes (Mosley)
6. What's To Choose (Lewis)
7. Seeing (Spence)

1. Dark Magic #2 (Spence)
2. Just Like Gene Autry: A Foxtrot (Spence)

Bonus tracks

Alexander Spence  

After Gene Autry
Motorcycle Irene

Columbia Demos 1968


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this upload! I had listened to pieces of these on Youtube myself. Now I can go through them all. Are you serious about Alexander Mosley being a "relative", or just being sarcastic? Maybe I'm a little slow! Anyway, it's nice to have any new "Grape to listen to. Hope you have a few more gems soon. Do you realize this was your 1st Moby Grape related post since the summer of 2013? I was having withdrawls!! Thanks again. Larry

Anonymous said...

By the way, the bonus tracks seem to be missing. I have them already[Bought the 10" vinyl], but someone may want it. Thanks again. Larry

Anonymous said...

Found the Bonus tracks! I'm a little slow. Duh Larry again

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