Saturday, January 31, 2015


As is well known a lot of Moby Grape's performances were done in alternative names mostly because of the legal issues the band had with Katz. Here is a later show but I really have very little on the line up for the night however we know it's Grape

BAD BOYS( Moby Grape) – DRIFT ON INN - SEATTLE – 1998  

Cold Cold Feelings
Bitter Wind in Tanganika
Olds 98
Mojo Man
Taco Time
Now I See
Murder in My Heart
Great Balls of Fire
I Don’t Want Much
Unchain My Heart
Sick & Tired


drogos said...

Happy to be the first to thank you. As usual beautiful gems on your blog. Many thanks for sharing them and your comments.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

The Drift On Inn show was December 11, 1998. The probable line up was Jerry Miller (g), Peter Lewis (g), Bob Mosley (b), Sam Andrew (g) and James Preston (d), unknown (sax).

Thank you very much for this show, I did not know there was a recording of it.

Bob W.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for another 'Grape show I didn't have. Bob's info is probably correct since that lineup did a New Years show with a diff drummer. Sending you an old MG show I haven't seen here yet but you may already have. If so, others will want it. Larry

john said...

Any Grape is better than no Grape. Thank You very much.

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