Friday, January 2, 2015


Off to a slow start here. The holidays bogged me down a bit but alas we are back for another year. I decided to revisit this post from a couple of years ago. I updated the songs included and added 9 more to make it my usual standard of 24. I also reworked the cover image. This is of course is  a self - made Lp that really did not exist but the songs are a great mix coming from different sources. And of course it is nice to begin the year with a little Country Joe & the Fish. ....
From The Monterey Pop Festival

01  Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
02  The Bomb Song

From The Zachariah Film Soundtrack

03  All I Need
04  We're The Crackers

From the Roger Corman Gas Soundtrack
as Johnny and the Tornados

05  Cry A Little
06  Juke Box Serenade
07  Castles
08  The Pueblo Pool
09  Bubble Gum Girl
10  Gas Man (also known as Barry's Caviar Dream)

 From The First Rag Baby EP

11  Free Some Day
12  Johnny's Gone To The War
13  Fire In The City

From The Life And Times LP

14  Marijuana

From The San Francisco Nights Collection

15  Private Party Jam

Outtake from LP CJFish featuring John Cipollina

16  Captain Sunshine

From the Acid Sounds bootleg( 1st Lp Outtakes)

17  Section 43
18  Grace
19  Masked Marauder
20  Bass Strings

Live from Stockholm November 1968

21  Rock and Soul Music
22  Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine

Live from The Bitter End 1968

23 Love
24 Who Am I?


Anonymous said...

This is a really interesting collection - thanks! Could you post the track details? Can't read them here, and there's no artwork.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I see said the blind man ! Now we can read it

drogos said...

Yes really nice compilation. And as you said it's good to begin the year with Country Joe. many thanks for the job and sharing it. congratulations for you blog and more have a nice musical year.
Best regards,

Otiselevator said...

Nice collection including some rare stuff I haven't heard before. Thank you.

john said...

Thanks for the great compilation. Appreciated your work. Happy New Year.

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