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Following the disbandment of Country Weather in 1972, guitarist Greg Douglass teamed up with bassist Brian Kilcourse and Bill Baron to form the Bay-area power trio Mistress. Though the group had a local following, they were unable to secure a record deal for their self-recorded debut and ended up calling it quits. In late 1976, Douglass opted to reform Mistress and brought in vocalist Dave Walker, bassist Skip Olson, Chris Paulsen and Chris Kovacs. The quintet's self-entitled debut was recorded in 1977 for RSO Records, who released it 2 years later, just as the band's members opted to head off in separate directions.

Keystone, Palo Alto, CA 
April 30th, 1977 

Disc One: 
1. I Can't Stay Too Long 4:24 
2. It Takes Time > Same Old Blues 14:35 
3. Maelstrom 5:42 
4. band intro > tuning > Prayers 6:11 
5. Sister Sweet 7:35 
6. Tuscaloosa Tony 11:10 
7. Collection Box 9:18 
8. She's a Shiner > Band intro 11:26 
Total 70:25 

Disc Two: 
1. Back Home to You 6:47 
2. Shot in the Head 6:22 
3. Jungle Love 5:42 
4. Bringin' It Back from Mexico > Do the Hip Shake 15:43 
Total 34:36 

Dave Walker - vocals, Greg Douglass - guitars, Skip Olson - bass, Chris Paulson - drums, Chris Kovacs - keyboards 


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff!!! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Where do you keep finding these amazing rarities?!? I don't remember this band at all. Is this the same Dave Walker who sang with Savoy Brown or was it Fleetwood Mac? It's getting a little hazy after all these years! Larry

24HOURDEJAVU said...


Contant trolling around the internet can turn up interesting finds and yes Walker was with Savoy Brown and I believe FMac also

Thanx for tuning in Bill

Anonymous said...

Dave Walker was on one Fleetwood Mac LP. The one with the penguin on it. Greg Douglass went from here to the Steve Miller Band. I've never heard of Mistress either but look forward to giving them a listen. To me Dave Walker had the perfect voice for Savoy Brown. He's got an solo album called Walking Underwater (2007) I'm hoping to find. Thanks for this Bill.

kobilica said...

Mistress are one of my favorite act.Thanks for those rarities...

Jean said...

Original Rock from Mistress ! Thank you !

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