Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The crimes of Richard Nixon got me thinking about crime in general. Here's a few  about the subject. It covers misdemeanors as jaywalking and parking violations, up to the felony crimes of rape and murder with a few robberies thrown in for good (or should I say) bad measure!

01  cops and robbers - wayne fontana & the mindbenders
02  i fought the law - bobby fuller four
03  bang bang - cher
04  i shot the sheriff - bob marley
05  ballad of bonnie and clyde - georgie fame
06  killer on the rampage - eddy grant
07  midnight rambler - rolling stones
08  dupree's diamond blues - grateful dead
09  robbery, assault and battery - genesis
10  robbery - barry melton
11  jailbreak - thin lizzy
12  one piece at a time - johnny cash
13  lily, rosemary and the jack of diamonds - bob dylan
14  lovely rita - beatles
15  anarchy means i litter - atom & his package
16  smuggler's blues - glenn frye
17  murder in my heart for the judge - moby grape
18  jaywalking - goliath & the giants
19  glendale train - new riders of the purple sage
20  take the money and run - steve miller band
21  bank robber - clash
22  maxwell's silver hammer - beatles
23  stealin' - uriah heap
24  gimme shelter - rolling stones


Anonymous said...

you're good, breaux, no doubt about it; thanks.

juan manuel muñoz said...

I have my handcuffs, but thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Just an idea in no particular order-

Good Guys/Bad Guys Cheer -CJ & Fish
Stealin' Watermelons -Elvin Bishop
Jail Bait -Black Oak Arkansas
30 Days in the Hole -Humble Pie
Framed -The Coasters
Mama Tried -your choice
Great Filling Station Hold Up -Jimmy Buffett
Stealin' at the 7-11 -Commander Cody
Good Bye Yer Honor -Kingfish
Calif. State Correctional Facility Blues -QMS
Sic 'em Pigs -Canned Heat
Rubber Bullets -10cc
Life in Prison -Byrds
Shoot Shoot -UFO
Great Train Robbery -Mountain
Jesse James -Barry Melton
Pretty Boy Floyd - Byrds
Chain Gang -Sam Cooke
The New Centurions -Kinks
Halloway Jail -Kinks
Colorado Town -Country Joe (a favorite)

Hey Joe?
Alabama Getaway?
Salesman (Alt Stereo Version) Monkees?

just thinkin,

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Maybe a second volume would work Thanks steVe for all the suggestions Bill

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