Saturday, April 4, 2015


The Cleanliness And Godliness Skiffle Band were a Berkeley, California based group and consisted of Annie Johnston (vocals-guitar-mandolin-wood blocks), Hank Bradley (vocals-fiddle-mandolin-harmonica), Phil Marsh (vocals-guitar), Brian Voorheis (vocals-harmonica-guitar) and Richard Saunders (bass).

The group released their only album on Vanguard Records in 1968, and then led the recording of the infamous Masked Marauders album, along with some members of Sky Blue, but CGSB ground to a halt in early 1970. Robert Christgau gave them a favorable review, preferring them over the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. (Max Collodie)

Track Listing

    Where Do We Go From Here
    Dr. Jazz
    Chinese New Year Waltz
    Lotus Blossom
    Altitudinous Youthful Deviant Number 468 (Do It Up)
    Who Will Buy The Wine
    Love’s A Game
    Carol’s Song
    Tonight You Belong To Me
    Stop My Heart With Joy
    Let Me Loose


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