Sunday, May 31, 2015


I have changed the labels box to read alphabetically for an easier search by name.

I was asked again why there are so many dead links on the older postings.....Well all "free" upload services only allows you so much time or size on their servers. Zippyshare allows only 200 mb files or smaller and Mega will only give you a total of so much storage. All the servers of course want you to purchase their premium pakages.  In the case of Zippy the files remain intact for 30 days from every time it gets a hit or download. No activity on a file in 30 days and they delete it.Most of the older files were on Megaupload until they were shut down by the government so I went for awhile with no server and uploaded postings about the artists( explaining the many posts for one artist 
Hence my decision to update some of the older selections as time permits

I am happy to be receiving your comments and emails and will continue at a reasonable pace so if I don't get around a particular selection I apologize. Remember if a file has no hits in 30 days it is deleted from the Zippyshare system. Any larger files (over 200mb) will have a Mega link

Enjoy the music , the art, and keep the spirit of the 60's alive and well!


E Craig said...

I was just looking through your blog and stopped at this point to say thanks for everything that's here and I'm looking forward to seeing what's posted in the future.

Scott said...

Just discovered your blog this week. Outstanding! And a fellow Georgian. Greetings from Savannah!

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