Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Here is a twist on a themed set of tunes. I wanted to showcase the influence of Latin based music on recording artists of my generation. Most of the chosen tunes are not by Latin artists but have a Latin "spin" to some of their songs. You can hear where they have used various Latin styles in the music. You can hear the brass, flamenco  guitars, percussion and  even hear it in the lyrics and storytelling in the songs. It is always nice to put in some authentic Latin artists to complement the overall presentation. 

A couple of tidbits of info.....

Doug Sahm(Sir Douglas Quintet) has always put a Latin spin in his Tex Mex songs

Odd but Babe Ruth (English Prog band had several Latin themed songs on their LP's One song was actually re-recorded as a disco version.

Peppy Castro of the Blues Magoos  reformed that psychedelic band to Cuban influenced music

The Gipsy Kings are 
actually from the south of France and mix their songs to Spanish and Gypsy  influences

01 la bamba - los lobos
02 que paso - doug sahm
03 senorita - new riders of the purple sage
04 el paso - grateful dead
05 que pasa - babe ruth
06 el baile de la cobra - cigar store indians
07 oye como va - santana
08 mexican blackbird - cowslingers
09 the mexican - babe ruth
10 jingo - abraxas pool
11 siesta - geronimo black
12 she never spoke spanish to me - doug sahm
13 amar caballero - babe ruth
14 alone again or - love
15 come a little bit closer - jay & the americans
16 mexican shuffle - herb alpert
17 ring of fire - johnny cash
18 pancho villa - giants
19 cerra negro - jose chepito areas
20 senorita - whiskey daredevils
21 spanish caravan - doors
22 hotel california - gipsy kings
23 mexicali blues - grateful dead
24 never go back to georgia - blues magoos


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