Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I just wanted to say a few words about the blog in general

This blog was started in March of 2008. It has well over 1000 posts  
The very first post was Micky Hart's Rolling Thunder.
It is indeed a labor of love focusing on the music that I enjoy
. As you have probably seen I have started updating some of the older files on the site. Summer is on now here in Atlanta and it seems that the blog readers are out doing other things. So I decided to revisit some of the old stuff. I will update a post for you if you can be courteous enough to Email me at 24hrdejavu@gmail.com  I would like your name and location to add a bit of personalization on the request. After all it is nice to know who  I am in contact with. I will ignore all anonymous requests!  As you well know it takes some time to research the materials . Some posts may well be totally obsolete for various reasons 
When an update is posted I will use the "Recall" logo and all you have to do is go to the right sidebar and find the artist and click on it  and you can scroll through the page(s) to find your selection. You ..probably noticed I use the term recall vs repost ( I dislike that  description)

Once again I appreciate any comments or ideas that you may have So don't be afraid to plug in a comment or two. It does'nt hurt and I appreciate them  


Anonymous said...

Great blog, thanks for all the good post!

Anonymous said...

yer doing the goddesses work and it is much appreciated from down here in the rain soaked Greater Lower Colorado River Authority & Balcones Escarpment Region

Chocoreve said...

Dear friend thanks for your great blog. I know how much love and time it asks. I visit it everyday and don't d/l averything, but I am happy I found many gems ! Thanks again.

Chocoreve from France.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

CHOCOREVE... any chance of an invite to your private I used to check in on your Chocoreve music blogs from many years back and enjoyed the treasures it had

Bill @24hr

Racati said...

Great blog. Many thanks for your labour. But :
- Why the majority of links are dead (For example : 40 Years After 03/18/2014 - Not too long, no)?
- Why the index is not in alphabetic order?
Thanks for your answer.

Racati said...

Many thanks for your answer.
Best regards.

Carlos Mad said...

Hi Bill, thanks for the gems and all info you provide, yes it takes a lot of work/time, I know! Thanks my friend for your share and hope to see you next august/september! Take care and enjoy.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanx Carlos Good to here from you my friend

Norman Taylor said...

Bill, just a fabulous blog MUCH appreciated

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