Friday, May 15, 2015


Spent most of the day relaxing and just watching the critters around my own habitat dogs,cats, birds, insects, chipmunks, squirrels and what ever else came by.

01  the lion sleeps tonight - tokens
02  rattlesnake shake - fleetwood mac
03  a christmas camel - procol harum
04  elephant - transatlantic railroad
05  grizzely bear - youngbloods
06  the tortoise and the hare - moody blues
07  the eagle never hunts the fly - music machine
08  the lone rhinoceros - adrian belew
09  the owl- turtles
10  ground hog blues - linn county
11  the hedgehog's song - incredible string band
12  when i was a boy i watched the wolves - paul kantner
13  i am the walrus - spooky tooth
14  hunting tigers out in indiah - bonzo dog band
15  little red rooster - rolling stones
16  say mongoose - automatic pilot
17  dogs - who
18  bluebird - buffalo springfield
19  pretty flamingo - manfred mann
20  the bad wolf - jimmy carl black
21  hippo stomp - steppenwolf
22  big bird - flock
23  bears - quicksilver messenger service
24  save the whales - country joe mcdonald


haar said...

Great blog !
Thank you for your efforts and spending time just for the love of music...
whenever ı dig it, ı find some good things which ı never heard before...
Please also welcome to my music blog:
and If you add it your blog list, I'll be highly thankful ...

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Haar It sounds like you have similar interests as I do Email me and maybe become online friends Your blog is very good added it to my blogs list


haar said...

Thank you for adding me your blog list friend..
ı am very glad to meet you !
thank you once again and ı'll write you soon !

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