Saturday, June 27, 2015


Of course this soundtrack album might be rated even higher as a relic, if musical considerations are not applied. Like all exploitative commerce based around the trippy era, it has an appealing tackiness. Those eager for a real revolution in the recording industry should look no further than the word "revolution" itself, which has been the title of literally dozens of albums. In this case we have a product that was even connected to a film of the same name, with three fairly famous rock bands of the San Francisco scene providing tracks for the soundtrack. There's Quicksilver Messenger Service, there's the Steve Miller Band, and there's the bluesy Mother Earth. Actually, all the tracks are kind of bluesy one way or another; that influence was never very far from any of the San Francisco psychedelic bands, except now and then when somebody really felt mellow. Most importantly, it should be stated that it is really difficult to knock an album that includes liner notes beginning with the following advice to the reader: "Next time you use the word revolution, you'd better include in your concept a beautiful blonde who went to San Francisco and illegally changed her name from Louise to Today." And these words come from famous scribe Paul Krassner, no less. A few tommorows later, nobody remembers Today Malone, an innocent blonde starlet who was at the center of this film's maelstrom-like scenario. Probably the actress and the film were forgotten moments after the first release. All the tracks can be found on other recordings, but the compilation's concept actually works to the advantage of the groups featured, none of whom sounded that great and all of whom had trouble creating an entirely listenable album. Vocalist Tracy Nelson has no problem dealing with a Percy Mayfield cover, on the other hand, one of the highlights of the set. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" is an enjoyable example of what was basically a required number for years in certain types of freaky coffeehouse venues.An All Music Review


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