Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The Capricorn Tape

Recording info:
Studio outtakes considered and / or prepared for release on the 1994 CD ":Blues" (possibly also the 1995 CD "Voodoo Soup"). Includes previously uncirculated material (See tracklist for details). Excellent quality.
Origin of the title "Capricorn Tape" is unknown.

1. Getting my heart back together ( 8:14)

Record Plant, New York City, New York, USA
Composite of two takes.
First half:
Wednesday 21 May 1969 Engineer: Dave Ragno
Buddy Miles: drums, Billy Cox: bass, Unknown: congas
Second half:
Unknown date & location (1970?)
Mitch Mitchell?: drums, Billy Cox?: bass

2.  Belly button window (2:28)

Electric Lady Studios, New York City, New York, USA
Saturday 22 August 1970. Engineer: Eddie Kramer
Recorded on 1/2 inch 4-track, complete alternate take, the wah guitar part has probably been added from another take by Alan Douglas.

3.  Villanova junction (19:41) / (aka Jam / Country blues)

Record Plant, New York City, New York, USA
Friday 23 January 1970
Engineer: Bob Hughes, 2nd Engineer: Dave Ragno
Don: harmonica, Buddy Miles: drums, Billy Cox: bass

4.  Mother  (7:53) / (aka Georgia blues)

Record Plant, New York City, New York, USA
Wednesday 19 March 1969 Engineer: Gary Kellgren
Drums: Jimmy Mayes, Bass: Hank Anderson, Organ: John Winfield, Vocals & Sax: Lonnie Youngblood, Congas: unknown

5.  Lover man (2:47)

Record Plant, New York City, New York, USA
Friday 15 May 1970
Engineer: Eddie Kramer, 2nd Engineer: Tom Flye

6.  New rising sun (8:28)

Studio B, TTG Studios, 1441 N.McCadden Street, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Wednesday 23 October 1968
Jimi - guitar, Jimi - drums
Engineer - Angel Balestier, Second engineer - Mark Kauffman
According to the "Voodoo Soup" liner notes by Michael Fairchild "the tape itself is a nine minute reel" recorded entirely by Jimi with him filling four of the tracks with drum overdubs.
Thus this version probably is the unedited complete take.

7.  Midnight ( 8:19) (from 4.51 to end tape damage)

Olmstead Studios, New York City, New York, USA
Tuesday 1 April 1969
Mitch Mitchell: drums, Noel Redding: bass
Engineer: Eddie Kramer


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing this. Jimi Hendrix: Blues was a favorite around here when it came out. A made a copy for my neighbor and then who knows how many for his friends and co workers. I don't think I'll tell him about this one....at least not right away.
Thanks, steVe

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