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 The album Pilot had as the principal player  Bruce Stephens, often confused with Leigh Stephens. Leigh Stephens did make a guest appearance on the album. Pilot was the name of the album, not a group as is often stated. Eric Albronda co-produced the Pilot album with Bruce Stephens at Trident Studios in London. The recordings were done in 1971 and released on RCA Records. The song "Fillmore Shuffle" was covered by Sammy Hagar. A song about the perils of substance abuse.

Bruce Stephens     keyboards, acoustic & electric guitar, vocals

Leigh Stephens     electric guitar
Martin Quittenton     acoustic guitar
Neville Whitehead     bass
Mick Waller     drums
Ray Cooper     percussion
Gordon Huntley     dobro, pedal steel guitar
David Hentschel     synthesizer
Chris Hughes     sax
Karen Friedman     vocals
Jacki Hardin     vocals
Dari Lalou     vocals
Casey Synge     vocals

Stop And Think     3:24     (Bruce Stephens)
Miss Sandy     3:43     (Bruce Stephens)
Rendevous     3:49     (Bruce Stephens)
Fillmore Shuffle     7:50     (Bruce Stephens)
Love Is That Way     4:02     (Bruce Stephens)
Penny Alone     4:05     (Bruce Stephens)
With Me Tonight     4:02     (Bruce Stephens)
Rider                       4:55                       (Bruce Stephens)

Recorded At:
    - AIR Studios, London
    - Morgan Studios, London
    - Trident Studios, London
Produced By Eric Albronda & Bruce Stephens
Album Design: Wilson McLean
Photography: Roger Perry


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